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Consolidating Private Student Loans

The last post in this series is on consolidating private student loans. These programs provide graduates with the ability to combine multiple private (or alternative) student loans they received while in college into one loan. These loans can also be used to refinance one private student loan into better terms than they received while in […]

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Student Loan Consolidation – The Cons

I recently discussed student loan consolidation and why you might want to do it. In this post I will explore some of the downsides to student loan consolidation and how to evaluate whether or not you should pursue it. Keeping Loans Separate Can Help You In my last post I mentioned that some students could […]

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Student Loan Consolidation Tips and Ideas

My last post generated questions about Student Loan Consolidation. Just like repaying student loans, consolidation is a very timely topic as the class of 2013 enters repayment this month. Student Loan Consolidation usually comes up as the ultimate solution for students having trouble repaying their loans. This is the first in a series of posts […]

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Repaying Student Loans – 5 Easy Tips

It is time to begin repaying your student loans if you finished your college degree in May of 2013. That sixth month grace period your financial aid advisor told you about? This is the end of it. So what happens now? What’s next for you? Get Organized Believe it or not, you received all the […]

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